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Hello everyone! Thank you so much for leaving comment in previous entry ^-^

This time, i bring you the longgggggggggg overdue scanlation of Nino in RnK era.. the only one scan i found miraculously in my sis notebook! And also, Arashi Marriage quiz.. and this time (for Arashi), i stitched them into 1.. this is the continuation from the main scanlation, To be Arashi's Bride!, if you havent read it yet..

Aiba I really perspire a lot!
I think it’s because I have very rapid metabolism... So I’m the type that can take the heat, but is also very sensitive to heat [laughs].
Jun I want to celebrate birthdays but……
but I’m not good at being enthusiastic about anniversaries... I’ll think about it if I feel like it [laughs].
Nino Having more family members makes things livelier so it’s [O]
I want to at least have 3 kids and play a role in helping with Japan’s declining birth rates [laughs].
Ohno I have a very convenient stomach
There is nothing my stomach can’t take... A very convenient stomach isn’t it!
Sho If I think about the age gap……
But if I marry late, I might be too old when it’s my 3rd kid’s turn. That may be tough [bitter laugh].

the quiz.. em~ isnt the quiz is so positive? even you have a match or not, you're still compatible? soooo fair~ haha! XD

Scanlation entry #87
This is the scanlation of Arashi in Popolo July 2009 and Ninomiya Kazunari in The Television 17.09.2008..the scans of Arashi credit to SNG and the articles were translated by [livejournal.com profile] change417, as you can read the original post of the translation here.. the scans of Ninomiya Kazunari credit to xq and the articles were translated by [livejournal.com profile] yanie02, as you can read the original post of the translation here.. be kind and please make sure you drop a comment and thank for the effort, ne~ :)

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Hi, minna-san..genki? me..i don't know..i'm still not recover from my sick yet..it's been 2 weeks already! *sigh*

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