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Below are various version of banners created by "awesome Arashi graphic-makers" as credited via special request. I'm very lucky to get these cool banners and I had been using each of them on periodically basis from 2007 until, version 8 and upwards, I start created the banner myself!

My latest LJ_header (uploaded on 2014.08.05): J's Birthday SP.

PassionSwellsUp ♥ )

I loved each of them and I hope you did too :D
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+ A whole long Arashi graphic releases that I've done so far.
+ These are as cross-posted on my tumblr, [ passionswellsup ].
+ I'm not really graphically talented but I ♥ it. Hope you like them! (^-^)b

More graphic undercut ♥ )
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* 24 April 2012 @ 08.56PM

Yesterday, I 'accidentally' met someone who used to be so important to me. The one I thought that - He's mine. The one I fell in love with at seventeen.

I was so shocked and could only gasped in silent when I finally realised it was him.

In that place, we crossed. )


* 19 July 2012 @ 06.22AM

Still... Seeing him just now, it made me remember all the little things about us.

I pressed my lips, into a thin line. Whatever thought I had made me stared ahead blankly.

But, I have to admit and it’s not too much for me to say that everyday, every single day was filled with joy and laughter. Especially during our school days.

With him. The one I fell in love with at seventeen. )


* 10 November 2012 @ 19.38PM

It’s been a year since we've been together. We saw each other almost every single week and we did all sorts of things together. I was on cloud nine.

By the time I was 18, I got an offer to continue my studies and I knew I had to leave him for studies. Putting love aside, I made a promise to myself that I'm going to hold the success with my own hard work. Become a proud daughter to my parents.

Only that, we would be miles apart. I couldn't let the anxiety I grasped within my hands and bring out even 1 milligram of courage to face the future. But I know I had to.

'I’m so proud of you pursuing your dream.' He really was happy for me. )


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