Feb. 6th, 2014

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This is my first time doing brief product review. Totally a different path/ genre than my expertise :P

Anyway, here is the mystery gift-box I received from HiShop! Thanks once again to the beauty/hosting blogger, archereverdeen and HiShop ♥ I get 3 different Korea brand masks and 3 discount vouchers (Haven't used it. Its expired anyway, by now). Actually, it was my first time entering beauty-bloggers-giveaway-thing and luckily I won on my very first attempt!

This would be my first time to try other than products that I usually buy at beauty/drugstore. Let make a simple review of the product, shall we?

Dr. Post NXT Eye Patch and Bidanpo Mediental Masks

List of Free-gift Masks.
[Light Blue: Dr. Post NXT Bio Gel Total Eye Patch]
'All-In-One Eye Total Solution' to control eye area troubles. It will improves wrinkles and frown, provide firming, vitalizing, soothing, cooling and moisturizing effects.

[Green: Bidanpo Mediental Hwa-Chim TCA Mediental Clinic Mask]
It's for trouble care / pore care. It has TCA (Trouble Care A-peeling). This mask will prevents skin troubles and strengthens skin immunity.

[Orange: Bidanpo Mediental Taeban-Yakchim Mediental Clinic Mask]
It's for moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. This mask will help the skin recover from old-damaged skin, to provide the skin with nutrition as well as to promote skin renewal.

Among these 3 products, for eye patch it works as eye patch. However, what I found interesting is
[Orange] and [Green] masks. They are totally different in term of benefits, but both will give additional bonus to the skin which it will promote whitening of the skin and lessen the wrinkles appearance. The second thing is, mature-bamboo as used in these masks will give effect of smooth and supple skin. Lastly, it has 'Mask Base Ampule' or 'Mask Booster' which to be applied before you use the mask, so your skin can absorb the goodness of the masks at maximum!

I would say, it totally worth the money and your skin!
What's more impressive, you can give an exclusive 15% rebate if you insert this code below:
Coupon code: EVEAIDA
Isn't that great or what? :D

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