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First time celebrating this year, not 1st or 2nd but Eve-Aida Scanlations reaches its THREE-YEARS-OLD-ANNIVERSARY today and marks total of #121 scanlations published with #131 posts!

~ My word of appreciation~
. The person inspires me to do scanlations - Sammyli aka [livejournal.com profile] sammyli. Her works are awesome and I tell myself I want to be like her.
. AWESOME TRANSLATORS and 'SCANNERS' that I work with in the past and present - thank you so much for allowing me who is still an amateur even now to collaborate and making all scanlations possible. Hopefully we can collaborate more in the future!
. Finally, I should say thank you to all of you for your continuous love and support since my day 1 in my LJ and now in [livejournal.com profile] s3anlation! Through scanlations, I get the chance to meet many wonderful people which it's truly a blast :D
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my dearest friends, thank you for your courageous words and hugs regarding to what had happened to my laptop yesterday *hugss*..it's devastated, of course but luckily i managed to save 1/2 of the files (maybe..i dunno?!) in my external before it crashed..

and last night, while mourning about my lost files, then my hope arise as i got a message from [livejournal.com profile] snoew saying she's willing to burn for me some files i lost..thank you snowwie~ :) *hugss* we're supposed to meet today but actually i'm not familiar with the her area (her new place)..so, maybe we meet on sunday or maybe she'll post it? i dunno..havent text her yet..


anyway, let's move to the latest scanlation :)
it's been a while seeing Arashi in Gekkan ne? what i love about Gekkan is the funny caps! XD

The Aiba that ladled batter onto the teppan with much style. "Oi, this isn't Chinese food," said Ninomiya, but his first try was an unexpected success

these 2 fellas on the scene, in action! XD

A failure with the crepe actually happened to Ninomiya. However, he said "I'll fix it with love" and expertly filled the hole he made in the crepe "I'll fix it with love"??

aahh~ XD i cant really say anything!

Scanlation entry #62
this is the scanlation of Ninomiya Kazunari & Aiba Masaki in The Television 27.3.2008 [Gekkan Arashi no76]..the scans and the articles were translated by [livejournal.com profile] say_it_again..you can get the scans and read the original post of her translations here..with [livejournal.com profile] change417 assist, translating the member's recent report part (not-uploading)..so, please make sure you guys thanks them for their effort, ne..=)

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