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i cant keep my eyes close and staring at my new main icon..^-^..i really love this Nino's shoot..thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jesseski for this..i've been looking for this scan..anyway, where can DL all of the shoot, the HQ one? if anyone know, please tell me the link..thank you~

i thought i'd be able to DL all arashi video that i missed but somehow it's not going to that direction..with the project discussion and writing the proposal for the purpose system..i hope the lecturer will approved it and not asking to re-submit again..then i took some time cleaning the room and doing the laundry..since it's pretty sunny today =) i'm just hoping that i'll be able to DL them soon..please~ anyway,

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well, have you seen Arashi's performance at Utaban yesterday? the boys look so kakkoii ne, while performing step and go..^-^ thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tenjostyle , i watched the performance and the screencaps, here..

the boys look so kakkoii [again!]..and matsujun's outfit really reminds me of Domyouji Tsukasa >_< but poor nino~..why he looked so plain in that? what happened to their stylist? :/

anyway, jun-kun, despite of filming during the winter..[that's so cold~] he really focussed on his job very well..and i'm glad the filming's over so he can has a good rest now..i'm sooo looking forward to seeing this movie..i want to see myself, this 'wildness' they talk about..and after watching the trailer, it makes me excited even more! XD

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Feb. 14th, 2008 01:53 pm
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i'm not feeling well for the past few day..maybe due to the cold weather..i wonder why i can easily get cold and get sick..

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hi minna san..what's happening?
here..it's been raining for days..so cold..and the laundry, piles up in my room *sigh* ..with this weather condition, i dunno when i'm able to do them..and i'm cravinng to eat something sweet since last night..emm..i dunno what should i get for myself..a sweet pudding? a choc creamy cake? hmm..?

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