Mar. 28th, 2008 07:01 pm
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well, we presented the play yesterday and seems like the lecturer and my classmates like it..out from 5 plays, he may select 2 of the group to perform at the 'finale night'..if my gropu get selected, it's good but i think i only want to be the technical staff or anything that just to do behind the scene..i'm too shy to perform in front of the audiences..^-^

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Mar. 14th, 2008 03:54 pm
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eventhough i already save this pic in my laptop,
eventhough i already see the same Nino pic in my LJ still..
this pic never fails to make me...*faint*

anyway, i just changed my new Welcome note.. originally the layout i'm using is a wallpaper, made by [ profile] theproudpenguin.. and because i like the layout so much, i twist it a little and there, the final result ^-^

currently, i'm DL the 2nd batch of the Arashi Calendar.. but somehow, for today sometimes the internet connection becomes too slow.. btw, we already know that there's TIME concert DVD pre-order, and probably there might be some of them still need to do some thinking whether to buy it or not.. and now, just a few days later, here comes the new Arashi 'Dream A Live' album pre-order? so fast, huh? thanks to [ profile] essence_de_moi for the info..

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a new one..

Mar. 5th, 2008 07:14 pm
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minna, minna..i'm changing to a new header layout! the header originally made by [ profile] isis_pro for me, but i changed the original text with a new one..and the final layout is what can you see there..^-^

hmm~ right now, i'm at faculty computer lab, searching for some related journal for assignment that need to be submitted this Friday morning..the lecturer asked to find at least 3 journals and write not less than 6 pages literature review of the given topic..the problem is, i'm not sure if i the journals that i found necessary related or not..even when i'm asking my other classmates, they're not sure themselves.. *sigh*

anyway, to the scanlation..this is where he in depth about movies [Rumblefish]..even he confessed that he was trying to appear to be smart! what's the point there, really? and he's really working hard ne, like some people around him said he havent mellowed at all..

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Hi! i'm posting a new Jun-kun's Jun-kun appearance in Roadshow..this is where he freely talk about the movies interest him..and the fact he likes Johnny Depp's movies..i think so too as well, Johhny Depp's movies are worth watching..i cant wait for his new movie which will in theater next year..:D

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