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Finally, here's the fulfill requested scanlation for [livejournal.com profile] slashedsilver :)
anyway, the one part that's the funniest than all is this!

10. Please tell us anything interesting happened during the recording!
Aiba The staff was busy. I'm not sure if it was because the recording room was full of people, there was a lot of food there. Then, somebody said, "Eat it before it expires in an hour!" So I ate the soon-to-be-expired bread before recording the song. (laugh)

aiba, aiba..XD

Scanlation entry #56
this is the scanlation of Arashi in Duet September 2008..the scans have been uploaded by [livejournal.com profile] lady_mercury, here.. and the articles were translated by [livejournal.com profile] pocco_moco at [livejournal.com profile] kamiki_crepes..you can read the original post of her translations of Jun, Ohno, Sho, Aiba, Nino,..so, please make sure you guys thanks them for their effort, ne..=)

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oh my! i seriously need to buy a HD..the one in my laptop already full with only 1GB free memory space left..and now it' s not really working properly..sometimes, in the middle of something suddenly it goes into blue screen and force me to restart it all over again..this is such a pain~ seriously! so for now i cant really DL anything..which is totally sucks!! *sigh*

stop rant now..

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Apr. 11th, 2008 06:52 pm
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the play was a success!! XD a lot of of our friends and people came to watch our performance that nite..of course we had to dress up and put on make up for the play and i didnt have problem on the outfit since i played the role in a daily-household scene..so i wore t-shirt and jeans as usual.. but the make up..actually i'm a bit embarassed while i knew others could saw me wearing make-up! seriously, i dont like to put it on because i think it's weird.. O.o i felt like.. *i dunno how should i describe it* but since everyone said i look pretty with it *blushing* then i guess it's fine~ *LOL* we also took a few pics after the wrapped up with our group members..=)

well, let's move to Arashi physchology test.. it seems almost true i think and the answers reflect to each and everyone's personality i guess..

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life's so busy for the past few days, and maybe it'll continue until the study week..and i have rehearsal for the play (for my english course) later this evening and it will be presented this thursday..i dunno how the outcome will be.. it's part of the assessment and the mark given for the play is quite high.. it just me but sometimes i also cant believe, am i really doing this?!! i mean, i do play fo real? it's been ages..

and btw, as i promised yesterday, here's the finale of 'Arashi-31 Questions for Daily Living'.. :D

Nino The convenience store. Because it’d be a pain, I buy the whole store (laugh)
really?i'm suprised..doesnt he's very particular about spending money? XD

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hi, minna-san? genki, genki? thanks for the comments in the previous post.. but i'm pretty busy lately, eventhough i'm on holiday for the past 4 days, but seems like it's not enough.. so, i'll try and reply all your comments tomorrow, ne? and maybe i'll upload Nino and and Arashi all together articles tomorrow as well.. and yea, by the way, thank you for commenting on my new "Nino-Bluish" header.. i'm so excited when i know a few of you love it as much as i do ^-^

here, another interesting interview!! >_< ..

Aiba First, I brush my teeth while soaking in the bath. Isn’t that efficient? (laugh)
this is 'kills 2 birds with 1 stone' condition..haha!! efficient indeed aiba-kun!

Ohno 180 cm. It’s just a single size, I guess? It’s a sofa-bed, but I always have it set as a bed.
did he really measure up his bed size?! haha!!

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hi, minna san..genki? actually i wanna put a new header that specially made by [livejournal.com profile] sweetcraze for me..it's more bluish than the previous one.. :D i'm so eager to publish it here, today but somehow, i cant due to some silly internet problem..*sigh*

haha..finally, my new bluish Nino header has arrived! haha.. *go and change right away* so what do you think minna? i intentionally commit the same pic for my icon and my header.. so they'll compliment each other.. hehe!! kawaii deshou? the same goes for cooking, she must did this with loves.. arigato ne, [livejournal.com profile] sweetcraze ^-^ but it just i dont know on how to fit the size, so you cant see the dark blue background with 'eve-aida@lj' in that white font.. can anyone here could help?

anyway, what an interesting interview!! >_< ..Sho-kun and Jun-kun answered the question in quite serious mode, i guess..and i found facts that kinda relate with me as well.. :D

Sho I think it’s good, but I’m told by the others that my snores and teeth grinding are annoying (laugh).
well, poor sho-kun~ and me too..seems like the both of us still havent cure from teeth grinding..

Matsujun In short, I slept twice (laugh). I do that often.
yeah, i do that as well..like today! hehe..

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Feb. 21st, 2008 03:53 pm
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hi minna san..actually i promised to post this scanlation yesterday but because something came up, i didnt had the chance to..so, gomen~ i did a mistake with the link when i upload Ninomiya the other day..accidently, i put Matsujun's Arashizm link instead..i checked 8 people already DL them..so lucky! ^-^ so the rest will be able to DL it today..yayy!!

everyone, please learn how to cook spaghetti from the Bambino himself..^-^ (because this one come with the recipe!).. i love Bambino..i still remember the foods..and also, me, who's not a coffee lover suddenly wanted to eat tiramisu because the one in Bambino that Matsujun made looked so delicious..so luckily during that time was my holiday, so i asked my mum and tagged her along to find the exactly same tiramisu as Matsujun did..^-^ back to school i watched it with a couple of friends..we watched the drama together and right on the spot at the making, eating food scenes suddenly we craved for spaghetti, cheese, steak and desserts..to the part we couldnt stop said "oh, that's delicious!" at the same time, over and over! 

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i'm so cracked up this week..i'm so busy with uni stuff and they all occupied on my precious Arashi moment! you see, so many things that i missed in a blink of eyes..so maybe later after the mid-exam is over i'm determine to get my Arashi's moment back..i'm pretty envious with people leaves comments here and there, talking about Arashi performance etc..i dont wanna left behind like that..huhu~ since i cant watch them, so i listen to the songs instead..how sad my life can be? T_T

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Hi minna-san? saikin do? genki?
the title above taken from aiba, after i watched AnS with Harisenbon as their guest this evening..hehe! i like everytime aiba give spontaneous experiment results, comments..very funny! XD

first of all, thank u for your lovely comments in my recent posts..i guess everybody commented with 'Kyaaaaaa' mode..ne? XD i love reading your comments, which make me so happy and feel more appreciated and excited to do more as i know there's always people who recognizes and loves my works..with helps from the translators and scanners as well..you guys made my works exist..otsukaresama deshita! so, how many scanlations did i manage until now? more than 20 huh? hope i'm able to do more in the future and hope there'd more comments coming in ^-^

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Welcome 2008! A brand new day, a brand new year! Happy New Year~

so, did you make any new year resolution yet? i'm not really a 'making resolution' type because i never have one because i think what's the point in making any but this year is different..specially made this year, "i want to fight wrinkles!"(am i that old?!) haha!!XD and have you guys watched JE countdown? arashi looked so shiny in that outfit..everyone looked so kakkoii! and jun-kun with glassess..aah~ XD..i've seen a LQ one but will download the HQ later..having problem with limitation of HD..i need to get a new one perhaps..i guess, another one year of Arashi's fandom..it'd be great if we could gather together enjoying Arashi's love and smile again ~


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