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Can someone suggest scans of Arashi but not really scream-out "it's Arashi!"?

I mean, maybe the photos taken only their hands part, from their back, from their concert venue etc. It's for a school project. As much as I want Arashi but I dont want simply to be accused by my lecturer for flailing while working on the project. LOLL

I'd be happy if you can send me the link as well. Very much appreciated and thanks in advance!


Jun. 16th, 2011 01:08 pm
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Arashi lovers, I need your help.

I downloaded raw of 2011 Arashi "Scene" Tour - Dome DVD from vendy@Hachi.A. I've finished downloading all part EXCEPT Disk 1 - .006 (MF). Unfortunately, the links have been removed. Therefore, can someone please help me upload .006 on MF and PM me the link? Once it's finished downloading I'll inform so you can immediately remove.

If only my internet is in highspeed mode, all this wont happened *head desk*

Edit 2011-06-23: Problem solved!


May. 27th, 2011 09:50 am
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I am calm and I am not panic.
But when I come across this post, now I'm in the middle of post-locked all my post in [livejournal.com profile] arashi_on linking back to my LJ. Suddenly feel worried about my public scanlation posts.

Should I post-locked all of them? Or am I just being too much?
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Any ideas how can I do 'punch introduction about Arashi' for my 10 minutes presentation?
I'm going to talk about Arashi influences in Japan

And these are the subtopic:
  • Arashi contribution in Japan's economy - increases sales of DVD etc, AU, Nintendo, JAL
  • Arashi contribution in Japan tourism - Japan Tourism Navigator, launched Nippon no Arashi, JED cm in various language
  • Arashi contribution in Japan Quake Relief - sent messages to quake victims etc.
Gain audience attention is difficult  >.<

Oh! If you have any additional information that you think would be best to relate with those 3 subtopic, kindly tell me OK?

Thanks in advance~ :D


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