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I bet fans are still going crazy over PARADOX in MS last Friday. (Is it only me? LOL!)
It's been 2+ days after it showed but yes, I'm still on PARADOX high.
I love the song, the beat.
I love the PV, suave.
I really do! But I couldn't get and feel the sexiness portrayed in the PV,
when majority of my t-lists were practically flails over it.
However, my view changed after I saw the full choreo in MS.
Now I can say I get it, I feel it, the sexiness and love the whole choreo.

I could put this part on repeat all day long. )
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This year 24時間テレビ, Arashi's letter to their future, leave me feeling all inspired. All of them said all the wisest things that I believe I couldn't come up with if people asked me to. "What a wonderful words. Thank you~"

I think the future depends on what you decide to do in the present;
that is why I'm living each day to the fullest. Everyone's doing their best.
I'm surrounded by amazing friends. I hope my future self will still be smiling with amazing friends too.

It would be nice if we can turn around and give those who are faced with all sorts of different circumstances, who feel lost right now, a tiny nudge forward instead. I want to create a bright future no matter what, and I will.

Without yesterday, there won't be today. Without today, there won't be tomorrow.
Without tomorrow, there won't be a future. That is why I'm living in the present.
So that I won't be laughed at by myself from the day before, and so that I will smile even more the day after.

it would make me happy if I'm still doing that 10 years later, 20 years later, and even 30 years later. As long as I value the present and cherish each day,
I think the future will surely be a wonderful one. Therefore, I'm going to cherish each day and continue doing what I like, and turn the future into an amazing work of art.

but the one struck me the most!

Today will become tomorrow, and that will become the future.
Though "10 years later" and "20 years later" count as the future,
so do "tomorrow" and "the day after tomorrow".
So do your best today with everything you've got.
Even if a future you didn't want is lying ahead of you,
you don't want to negate this day of putting in everything you've got.
Our future truly lies in this very day.
With that in mind, I'm going to try and do my very best today too.

** I'm going to bookmark this entry, so I can re-read this every time I need something to nudge my sense back.

+ cred: gif by pinkiss-n & translation by [livejournal.com profile] acidae


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