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2015-01-25 11:54 am
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Happy birthday my fellow Aquarian ♥

Happy 33 birthday Sakurai Sho! (*⌒▽⌒*)~♪

Sho-chan, congratulations and happy birthday!
I was LOL like crazy watching the clip and how fast Ohno retorted to your reply xD
I think, Ohno never fails to wish your mom, instead of you XDDD
I'm always inspired with your insights, thoughts and perspectives. Just like years before, "The cheating will continue on to 2015 because you're too adorable and awesome in too many ways" ♥♥♥

+ Shot from VS Arashi Golden opening 22.01.2015.
Credit ninomiyazu@twitter (https://vine.co/v/OI6thE6mE3p)
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2014-12-24 06:32 pm
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2014.12.24 - Aiba birthday.

I don't celebrate xmas but I celebrate aibaスディ instead.
To celebrate "Green", I drink 2 Japan Matcha which my forever favorite! :D

But anyway, this is what I get today during gift exchange!

(Although actually my other managers got me the stocking weeks before,
and I hope someone will fill it in with presents but until today, sadly it's empty xD)
I don't know who got me this but they said the true winner of the gift exchange is me.
The clock with alarm lady will notify all people to go back on time! xD
So we had a lunch party eating KFC (maybe following the Japanese thing, Xmas = KFC?)
And the best part is today's special treat, everyone get to leave early~ YAYYY for that! xD

On another note, if anyone wants a new year card exchange, leave a comment here with address or PM me :D
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2014-12-24 03:10 pm
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happy aibaスディ ♥

Happy 32 birthday Aiba Masaki! (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪

A-kun, congratulations and happy birthday!
What magical this year is! Your smiles and laughter never fail to bring happiness to people around and they are well conveyed transmit via TV. Seriously! Saying such as this, I believe I become to like Green too~ ♥♥♥♥

Also, who would have thought 'Disco Star' will be a the most phenomenon song and performance in this year concert? xDDD

+ Actual Aiba birthday pic. Credit @piyojun_5.twitter
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2014-11-26 04:05 pm
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happy ohnovember ♥

Happy 34th birthday Ohno Satoshi!

Congratulations and happy birthday! (ノ^^)ノ・゚

I will keep repeating these every year. Tell us, Ohno-kun!
"I really wish you could tell me the secret of looking young and adorable in 30s."
I should be like you when the time comes, looking adorable at 34. Fufufu~

I officially turn Blue this August, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hemisofia for making me realised it and [livejournal.com profile] kyraensui for massive Ohno spams on Twitter! xD So many things I learn about this year about you. Also, when I checked my Arashi member birthday post, I just noticed, I never fail to wish you happy birthday since 2007, though Nino was my 1-ban at the time! Is it love that I failed to notice? *SURPRISED*

+ Pic used is one of my fave performance of Ohno. Credit @azul3104.tumblr
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2014-10-20 11:58 pm

self-proclaimed. my awesome new header. yeah!

As the subject mentioned, it's awesome. Yeah!
My thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kyraensui.
I love my new Ohno header so much.
Whenever I look at it, it gives me something good to laugh at xD

Just in case you are wondering, please head over to [livejournal.com profile] eve_aida :D
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2014-08-30 09:59 pm
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Congrats Jun!

Happy birthday Matsumoto Jun!

Congratulations and happy 31st birthday! :D
You are such a good looking guy. No doubt. Just like the pic above, the way you posed for pics shot are always amazing ♥ It just that I don't agree with your current hairstyle.
I hope you realise it doesn't suit you. Please change to another style, soon! xD

[ To celebrate Jun's birthday, Arashi Popcorn ARASHI LIVE TOUR Pamphlet - Q&As
scanlation is posted at [livejournal.com profile] s3anlation. ]
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2014-08-20 11:17 pm
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Lyric + Translation: "サヨナラの準備は、もうできていた" - Crude Play.

Because I love this song so much and I keep playing it on repeat, I decided to give a shot of translating it. I'm trying to convey the meaning the best I can but I know there must be a loof somewhere.

Please feel free to pointed out the mistake! m(_ _)m

I'm all prepared to say goodbye. )
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2014-08-18 03:05 am
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DIY Project: Loose Powder.

You know, actually I like DIY stuff. I'm pretty much inspired after I've read some tutorials and I think it looks like fun to try it out :) So I tried to create DIY loose powder. It's super easy to do and it can be done in just minutes!


Before I start, let me tell you that there is no exact measurement or appropriate amount for the ingredients. It's according to one's preference :)

Let start our own A no Arashi, shall we? )
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2014-08-05 11:14 pm

Eve-Aida's Banner Gallery

Below are various version of banners created by "awesome Arashi graphic-makers" as credited via special request. I'm very lucky to get these cool banners and I had been using each of them on periodically basis from 2007 until, version 8 and upwards, I start created the banner myself!

My latest LJ_header (uploaded on 2014.08.05): J's Birthday SP.

PassionSwellsUp ♥ )

I loved each of them and I hope you did too :D
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2014-07-04 05:45 am
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Brief Review: Jane Holli - PICK YOUR SHOES

Women and shoes and inseparable. Just like tango, it takes two to complete each other.
And a little trivia ? Do you know, in Paris, there is a saying that goes, "A girl should wear nice shoes. Because the shoes will take her to a calm and beautiful places." (Quoted from Hana Yori Dango I, actually.) So by implying that quote, because you know well the quote is true and it's not just every girl' excuse every time they want to buy a pair of shoes! :P

With the festive season around the corner, or for whatever reasons to buy a good pair of shoes, Jane Holli definitely launch at the right time! Just so you know, Jane Holli is an established ladies handbags and shoe brand in Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Jane Holli, with over 25 years experience in the leather-crafting industry, Jane Holli sets itself apart with original and easy to match designs. With Jane Holli online, it's time to shop just like shopping in Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong, even though you are elsewhere!

I browse the online shop. There are varieties of design for me to choose. )
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2014-06-20 09:53 pm
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Brief review : Biore's Perfect Face Milk SPF50 PA+++

Due to harsh exposure of sun's UVA and UVB, our skin surface could be suffering from dryness, sunburn, pigmentations, spots, freckles, uneven skin colour tone, premature aging (wrinkled) and too much worst, increase the risk of skin cancer. Suncreens would be essential to be use on daily basis to keep your skin protected, to avoid the mentioned problems as well as to maintain healthy looking face without or less flaws. The key is to always wear sunscreen.

I start using sunscreen diligently 4 years ago, because I can't stand the hot sun exposure burning through my cheeks! I have tan skin tone and casually have minor breakouts too. If I go on unprotected, most probably it could worsen my skin condition. But before I bought my first purchase, I've heard rumors saying that applying sunscreen especially on problematic skin, it could make your face problems worst. I was not sure how much of it were true? So ignoring the rumors, I gambled my way to see if I'm lucky.

Even VS Angel Candice Swanepoel said, "Sun protection is really important for me. My face really burns and it's not cute! My facialist gives me a really strong sunscreen, and I wear that every day, whether it's sunny or not. (Source: Vouge,UK via ONTD). There are wide range of sunscreen products in the market, I go for Biore's Perfect Face Milk SPF50 PA+++ because it's Japan product. (I love everything comes from Japan!).

Actually this is my nth purchase. )
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2014-06-17 09:16 pm
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Something overlapping on this date :P

On another occasion, on this date..
I passed my driving test today with flying colours!
I'll be getting my driving license soon. YAYYY!! xD
The thing that made it special is because it happened on a special day and date, Nino's 31st birthday!!
And talking about license, I've been wondering about Ohno.
I'm not sure if Ohno has a driving license now.
Actually I plan to compete with Ohno, who's going to get latest driving license xD

Though you cutely pouting there next to a car, I get it.
I lose against you. You won, Ohno! :P
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2014-06-17 07:48 pm
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Happy birthday Ninomiya Kazunari!

The affectionate looks in his eyes that I can't resist! ♥
Congratulations and happy 31st birthday! You are 31, for real? xD
I LOVE YOU. Although I love you, somehow you fall into 2nd place now.
But as you said in TVGP, "LOVE doesn't just mean romance, it can be interpreted to mean many different things."

[ Nino TV Guide Person Vol.14 scanlation is posted at [livejournal.com profile] s3anlation, if you'd like to check it out ]

* cap credited to ngewpie@twitter.
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2014-06-06 12:46 am

Counting days.

A limited-time header is up to celebrate someone's special month 。◕‿◕。
Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kyraensui for the pics suggestion.
She spoilt me too much today on Twitter! xD
Anyway, it's very simple because the pic itself is beautiful. Please take a look if you like!

I call it, SP Version: "11323日目の曲"
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2014-05-13 08:20 pm
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Brief Review: CERRO QREEN Natural Pony Wool Professional Brush Set Makeup - Yellow (6 Pcs)

In the past few months, I've grown interest in make up. I watch make up tutorial on Youtubes for various make up events and techniques. However, the make up brush set they use are sort 'out-of-range-price-from-my-own-pocket' so I've been checking several sites searching for 'likely-match-my-pocket' set.

Then, I found Natta Cosme (a link from my junior's FB) and check them out. There are several make up brush set for starter namely CERRO QREEN which sold at different varieties of prices and colours to choose from - pink, yellow, blue, purple, black.

I personally chose this one! YELLOW!
For beginner like me, 6 pieces basic brushes at affordable price just like this one is totally OK. This was my first purchased from NattaCosme but they gave good service as they responded to my request pretty quick, my order was processed the next working day and shipped the next day with tracking number. When it first arrived, I opened the box and saw the make up case with the make up brush set inside was nicely packed with bubble wrap. The downfall, just that I don't like Skynet service :/

What I like about it? )
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2014-04-26 04:28 am


After 1++ year, finally it's time to change with a new header! 。◕‿◕。

The banner alone is actually completed last month?
However, it took times to finalize because I was contemplating on the placement of the wording/tagline.
Anyway, I have 3 banners in the making but I decided to go with this one!
Simply because he looks so damn good in that outfit (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
And the expression somehow seems blended pretty well with the setting! (⌒▽⌒ゞ

Please take a look if you like but please allow me to say this first, " ちょっかっこいい!!"
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2014-04-24 04:30 am
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Regrettably, this Beauty Ambassador had to turn down an exclusive invitation.

I was really surprised when I got an email from HiShop yesterday! I received my very first invitation (and they addressed me, "Dear Beauty Ambassador" and I love the sound of it!) to attend an exclusive beauty product launch early next month. As usual for any new product launching, there will be introduction and demonstration of the products. Lucky thing for each attendees, they will be given the products for free for review.

Sounds attractive? Yes. )
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2014-03-23 04:14 am
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Brief review: Senka Perfect Whip and Whitening Lotion (S)

Finally, I get my hands on this! I've been wanting to try this product for a long time ever since I saw Ohno on its commercial (if I'm not mistaken. That's how big their influence in my life)! xD

I try it for 2 weeks now and so far I love it. The thing to love about Perfect Whip is the leathery thick foam yet lightweight. You can feel the bounce from the foam ball but it non-drip and non-watery like. Thus, easy application on the skin. I wash my face using the "crawling-facewash-technique" that I learn in Himitsu no Arashi-chan (Arashi fans must have watched this episode :P) for smooth, moisturised and supple skin.

What is 'crawling-facewash-technique' you ask? )
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2014-02-06 04:43 am
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Masks brief review. Yes, first time.

This is my first time doing brief product review. Totally a different path/ genre than my expertise :P

Anyway, here is the mystery gift-box I received from HiShop! Thanks once again to the beauty/hosting blogger, archereverdeen and HiShop ♥ I get 3 different Korea brand masks and 3 discount vouchers (Haven't used it. Its expired anyway, by now). Actually, it was my first time entering beauty-bloggers-giveaway-thing and luckily I won on my very first attempt!

This would be my first time to try other than products that I usually buy at beauty/drugstore. Let make a simple review of the product, shall we?

Dr. Post NXT Eye Patch and Bidanpo Mediental Masks

List of Free-gift Masks.
[Light Blue: Dr. Post NXT Bio Gel Total Eye Patch]
'All-In-One Eye Total Solution' to control eye area troubles. It will improves wrinkles and frown, provide firming, vitalizing, soothing, cooling and moisturizing effects.

[Green: Bidanpo Mediental Hwa-Chim TCA Mediental Clinic Mask]
It's for trouble care / pore care. It has TCA (Trouble Care A-peeling). This mask will prevents skin troubles and strengthens skin immunity.

[Orange: Bidanpo Mediental Taeban-Yakchim Mediental Clinic Mask]
It's for moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. This mask will help the skin recover from old-damaged skin, to provide the skin with nutrition as well as to promote skin renewal.

Among these 3 products, for eye patch it works as eye patch. However, what I found interesting is
[Orange] and [Green] masks. They are totally different in term of benefits, but both will give additional bonus to the skin which it will promote whitening of the skin and lessen the wrinkles appearance. The second thing is, mature-bamboo as used in these masks will give effect of smooth and supple skin. Lastly, it has 'Mask Base Ampule' or 'Mask Booster' which to be applied before you use the mask, so your skin can absorb the goodness of the masks at maximum!

I would say, it totally worth the money and your skin!
What's more impressive, you can give an exclusive 15% rebate if you insert this code below:
Coupon code: EVEAIDA
Isn't that great or what? :D

* Continuing from this post.
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2014-02-05 01:41 am
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Thank you so much for the birthday wish!